1. http://stuckinthevalley.tumblr.com/post/38819119594/the-four-year-vesting-schedule-doesnt-make-sense →

    This is one of the most misguided things I have read in a long while. A recent grad is likely to have less valuable experience than someone whom has 5-10 years under their belts. So why would you treat them any better or differently because they cannot commit to something for more than a year? Maybe I am missing something, but the point of granting equity is to make sure someone is there for the long haul. You want people to stay for many years before they own part of your company.

  2. a quote from my earlier days when i was learning c++ and the half life sdk. →

    the internet loves me.

  3. androidniceties:

    Catch Notes (revamped) | Google Play link

    This is a beautiful app for Android.

  4. this is an amazing technology demo where they analyze tiny fluctuations, that are inperceptable to human eyes, in video to detect a persons heart beat with incredible accuracy.

  5. android universal image loader →

    this library just saved me 1-2 days worth of work, thank you nostra13.

    i am working on an android app where i have to display a bunch of user profile photos in a list view. handling this behavior with zero lag on the listview can be a bit of a challenge on android. luckily the library handles all downloading, resizing, and loading of images in a background thread, so the impact to the gui is minimal. i think i had to add about 5 lines of code to make this work.

  6. this video is an example of a live debugging session for droid towers path finding ai. its what i use behind the scenes to make sure every droid is following the rules when moving between points. it moves rather fast in this video because the game speed is 4x. normally i run at 0.5x, but i thought it looked a little more interesting at this speed.

    today i spent a bit of time optimizing the path finding ai because it can consume quite a few resources on mobile devices. the path finding is a modified version of A* that i have been constantly refining its capabilities. it has to take into account the various transit options players can build, to find the optimal path between two points on the grid at any given time. the current implementation gives stairs a lower value than the elevators, so over short distances the droids should prefer to use stairs. stairs have no queue to wait in, so they drastically improve the flow of a players tower. balancing this has been an near continuous effort for the last few months. couple this with the elevator queue management and honestly it is probably the most complicated part of the code base by a long shot.

  7. first review of droid towers! →

  8. schrodinger's bug →

  9. i unfortunately lost the fireworks effect i made the other day. i forgot to check the particle definition files into git, although the code made it just fine. so i had to remake it.

  10. tonight i worked on adding some effects to droid towers. here is a preview of the fireworks effect for special events that occur in the game.